posted Sep 3, 2017, 6:47 PM by Laura Shanahan

Welcome back!

Students will be greeted by teachers and early childhood educators as they exit the bus or enter the yard via the pathway behind the school from Maple Lane. Students will go to the yard from 8:15 - 8:30 a.m., weather permitting. The kindergarten students will congregate on the side of the school in the outdoor classroom. Parents are welcome in the yard on opening day.

At the bell, all kindergarten to Grade Four students shall head to the gym. Parents are welcome to join their JK-4 children in the gym.Teachers will meet students in a designated area of the gym. Class lists will be posted by each teacher. When the group has been gathered, the class will travel to their classroom.

At the bell, all Grade Five and Six students will go upstairs. Teachers will post  class lists outside the classroom doors and will gather students in the classroom.

Parents can walk their children to class, then make their way to work/home.

Students are encouraged to follow their regular home time routines at the end of the day (take the bus home, attend the St. Brigid Extended Day program, or walk/bike home). If you plan to pick up your child from school at the end of the first school day, your child can be met outside the front door of the school. Please advise the classroom teacher and/or the office if you plan to pick up your child on the first day of school. Thank you, in advance, for parking on Maple Lane.